3 Major Facts About Our Handmade Jewelry in Bali

With every product that we purchase, we always consider its price, and of course quality. Although, these days, many choose to sacrifice quality for a lower price, well for various reasons.

But in La Hera, providing customers with quality products is our top priority, at a reasonable price of course. And who doesn’t want that? Awesome jewelry at an awesome price!

So here are a few facts to fill you in about our handmade jewelry in Bali

  • Our jewelry are all 18K Gold-plated Silver 925.
  • La Hera jewelry is all gold-plated silver 925, which makes it a bit pricier. You may wonder why that is, as there are gold-plated jewelry that are affordable. Well, it is because of the material beneath all that gold, the silver 925. Such an odd name, and perhaps you may have heard of it before.

    Silver 925 is an alloy (mixture of elements) made of 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy of other elements, hence the name. So you see, the contents are what makes it pricier, so it is of better quality.

    Oh, and another fun fact is, silver 925 goes by another name, and that is Sterling Silver.

  • Our jewelry are locally made in Bali.

  • With the effects of the pandemic still dragging on, it has taken a toll on economies around the world, and Bali is not an exception. So Daniel Philip, founder of ACG, did not just aim to establish a retail store in the said city, but also a factory. Through this step, major logistics issues for the said store are out of the way.

  • The jewelry-making process takes 3 to 4 days.

  • Yes, it is that long. To assure the quality of every piece of La Hera jewelry, it undergoes a tedious process. 

    Now, we won't get into all the details as it would be too much information, but let us give you just a peak into what goes on behind the doors of our factory, as per our founder, Daniel Philip.

    It all starts with artists exquisitely hand carving the designs.

    Next, those are cleaned before casting.


    The subsequent processes of casting it onto melted silver and so on are also done manually. 


    As every piece of jewelry is carefully crafted and handled, top quality is most definitely assured. 

    Another interesting fact!

    I know, it was supposed to be just three facts, but let me fill you in on one more secret. La Hera is of course a jewelry brand, but of course you need nice clothes to match it, right? So, yes, you get the idea, the official clothing line of La Hera is in the works, so stay tuned!

    In the meantime, you can check out our socials, especially La Hera Bali.





    Or better yet, if you’re around Bali, stop by our retail store at Canggu, Bali, Indonesia.

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