Breaking Barriers in the Midst of the Global Pandemic, A Leader in E-Commerce in Asia is Set to Open its First Retail Shop in Bali

Indeed, the global pandemic that has been going on for almost a year is continuously  affecting not just our health but also the global economy. With quarantines and lockdowns imposed all over the world, people were forced to stay in their homes and follow newly imposed regulations. Hence, the e-commerce market skyrocketed even more, giving more opportunities despite the dwindling economies.

Despite the hindrances presented by quarantine measures, a leader in e-commerce decided to take on the challenge of still opening a retail shop. Daniel Philip, founder of Atlas Creative Group, has been focusing much of his time and energy in establishing the same. For La Hera, a jewelry brand with a minimalist concept designed in Greece and is Venetian inspired, that is aiming to spread its wings outside Europe, setting foot in Indonesia for its first retail shop is crucial. Consequently, the right place to set up shop is vital. Bali, Indonesia seemed to be the best option, as it is not only one of the top tourist destinations in the world, it managed to still hold on in terms of its economy even when the tourism industry is struggling. Moreover, the jewelries of La Hera are handmade in Bali itself, hence the transport of the final products would not be so much of an issue.


On December 12, the final site of the retail shop was finally chosen, which is located at Canggu, Bali, Indonesia. Along with that, a mini remote office in the same City was established just this month. As there are also plans to pick up on more retail locations, like a custom surfboard shop which is also one of Daniel’s long term goals as he mentioned, this office can help in streamlining all the work that needs to be done.

On January 6, the agreement for the retail shop was finally signed, marking another milestone for ACG and Daniel of course. By finally sealing the deal, La Hera is now going to be introduced to a new market and demographic and also provide job opportunities. This shop is set to open its doors to the public this month. Of course with the new normal, they are prepared to follow and comply with health and safety regulations.
ACG will not only be exclusively establishing retail shops in Indonesia, as Daniel unveils that the goal is to open 2 more in Europe and another one in Asia this year. How exciting!
By opening their first retail shop, ACG provides proof that overcoming barriers such as a global pandemic can be just a small feat if you focus on your goal. As Daniel said, “Dare to risk it all for an opportunity to share the dream and help others.”


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