Curious how jewelry can enhance your elegance?


Jewelry has existed in human traditions for centuries. Mainly to enhance one’s appearance and to display social status. Several elements can be used to make jewelry. From precious metals and gemstones to wood and other natural elements. Depending on the individual’s personality and preference. As you already know, we carry gold in our name. We believe gold resembles purity and luxury.


A vast majority of people on earth have some type of fascination or admiration for jewelry, but not everyone might be aware that jewelry can actually enhance one’s appearance.


We’re here to give you some pro tips to picking jewelry that compliments your physical appearance and the elegance of your soul.






Earrings directly touch on the shape of your face. You may choose to enhance facial features or overshadow “flaws”. Note that by shapes, we mean literal and basic face shapes. Round, oval, rectangle, and square.


People born with oval shaped faces are super lucky since they can pretty much wear any style and still manage to look good. Those who got round shapes might wanna stay away from big round/button style or hoop earrings as those tend to emphasize your features. Judging by the pattern, you might already have guessed, long shaped or dangle earrings give the illusion of elongating your face. These are good for round shaped faces, but if you got the square/rectangle type face, you might wanna stick with studs.





Quite similar to clothes, necklaces can alter someone’s perception of your height. If you’re not so tall, and hate that fact, you wanna get longer necklaces. V-shaped or Y-shaped necklaces would be your best picks. And if you’re one of those that are secretly hated by most short people, what more could you ask for? Go have whatever piece you want.


Rings and Bracelets



If you haven’t noticed, most of the time, your hands are gonna be near your face. By now you probably know what this means. You gotta choose the right pieces that compliment your face’s shape. Also, take your own personal features into account. Whether you are small-boned or big-boned, you’re bound to find a style that suits you best. Big bulky pieces might look awkward on petite types. So, thin or subtle bracelets might be the best choice for you.


With that being said, you wanna consider the shape of your fingers when picking rings that fits well. Just like your body and face shapes, fingers may vary from thin and elongated to short stubby ones. You wanna make sure the ring doesn’t go over the knuckle part. Not only is that gonna be annoyingly uncomfortable, it usually doesn’t look nice as well.  Short fingers? No problem. Just get rings that aren’t big and would emphasize the shortness of your fingers by taking most of the space. We find oval topped rings to suit short fingers quite well. On the contrary, for long fingers, we suggest the round/wide topped rings.


Despite all these conventional standards, never forget that when choosing jewelry for yourself, choose the ones that YOU love. Get the ones that make YOU feel good when YOU wear them. Everybody’s got their own thing going on. 

After all, this is just a guide, not a rulebook.


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