Get in lover, we’re going  beaching!

The beach will always be a place that naturally captures memories and the fondest

moments. As summer is just around the corner, it’s time to get ready for that grammable beach vibe!

Wearing that pure aesthetic as the wind blows through your hair and walking bare feet in the sand.


We’ve always been mesmerized by the deep seas and its pure elegance. As you can see from our inspired pieces. On the off chance that you missed those ones when you were checking out our catalog, we’d be more than happy to show you some that will surely capture that fresh beach aesthetic you’re going for.


Peep our ocean inspired collection!


       Freshwater Pearl Earrings

       Dangle Pearl Earrings


       Waterdrop Crown Ring



      Mermaid Coin Ring        Waterdrop Crown Ring         Wave Edged Ring



Hear these ocean pieces call?

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 “Will the rough sands and salty water harm my jewelry?”


As a question we get asked a lot about, and we feel like we need to mention this so you can give your gorgeous jewelry the proper care they need.


So, to put it simply, salt water shouldn’t be a problem since it has little to no effects to our 18k gold plated pieces. Sand however, might possibly be a slight issue when it comes in harsh physical contact with your jewelry for a prolonged duration of time since sand is silica. You know, stuff they make glass from. Just be gentle to these babies and nothing bad should happen. Make sure to handle them with care.

This goes without saying, don’t lose or drop them in the depths. That would surely ruin the mood. 

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