What Everybody Must Know About the Official La Hera Purity Pendant

Many are curious.

Many have asked about the ‘Official La Hera Purity Pendant’.

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Official La Hera Logo

For starters, the necklace bears the official logo of the La Hera brand, the Dove with an olive branch on its beak.

Why was it chosen to represent the brand? You may ask. 

The symbolism of the dove is relative, but it generally represents the most profound peace. The kind that soothes and calms our tormented thoughts, that enables us to be renewed in the silence of the mind. 

Doves teach us that, regardless of what is happening around us, peace is always there – within us – and always available. They carry the energy of promise, when inner conflicts are banished from our thoughts, words and feelings, goodness awaits.

The dove is an animal that cares for those around her, a protector of children and the community, just as the goddess Hera.

Therefore, the dove advocates for peace, love, kindness and purity in beauty.

While the olive branch in the beak of the dove seeks to represent a peaceful new life, a promise to those who come after us as we pass along the story of history. 

               "In the midst of this unholy land. You are the dove that's divine and pure. Heart so meek and mild but loves so deep I'm sure. Descendant of Venus, Goddess of Love. Bearing good news to the land like a gentle dove. This gem means peace, hope and love from the almighty that's what you deserve to have. My darling, don't live in fear, liberate yourself from all the cavaliers. Wear this gift as a reminder that you are pure in the eyes of the almighty father."


Here are some interesting facts!

This symbol of the dove with an olive branch was initially used by Christians as a symbol of peace, which they derived from two sources. In the New Testament, the Spirit of God that descended upon Jesus during his baptism is compared to a dove, and in early Christian art it is often used to represent the peace of the soul. 

On the other hand, the use of the olive branch as a symbol dates back to ancient Greece, which is five centuries before Christ.  Eirene, the goddess of peace, was said to be very fond of the olive.  To the ancient Greeks, the olive tree represented abundance and was also believed to be able drive away evil spirits.

The Perfect Birthday Gift

Another budding question just popped up in your mind.

Why is the Official La Hera Purity Pendant perfect as a birthday gift?

Well, aside from the fact that it is plated with 18K Gold (yes, it is gold plated and not solid gold), the necklace itself is exquisitely crafted and carved. 

Moreover, the symbolism behind the necklace also speaks for itself, as it advocates for peace and more importantly, a peaceful new life, as a person is opening another chapter of their life, as another year is added to their existence on Earth.

So is someone close to you celebrating their birthday soon? Go on over to our website and our socials, and grab one Official La Hera Purity Pendant for that special someone.





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