Dangle Pearl Earrings


A man lost at sea after a shipwreck. All he had was a small canoe, few provisions and his wife's Dangle Pearl Earrings. The man drifted far into the pacific ocean for a long time. Lonely, starving and hopeless, the man barely held on to life. He didn't know what else to do. Till nightfall came. He stared into the abyss, stars shining in the sky, water calm and pristine as he held onto his wife's earrings all night gaining back purpose and reason to live. 

The next morning, the wind blew him to an island in Spain. Overjoyed as he stepped onto dry land, gripping the earrings tighter and tighter. The earrings represented more than just a piece of metal. It represented life in his dying world.

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🕊 High quality 14k gold plating

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🕊 Designed in Greece

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Our Silver jewelry is Pure 925 Sterling Silver 🤍

Our Gold jewelry is a thick 14k gold plated brass 🤍

Jewelry Care 
To care for your jewelry and keep it clean and ready to wear, gently wipe off excess make-up and skin oils after each wearing. Use a nub free, 100% cotton cloth and gently wipe the piece clean using only the soft pads of your fingers.

Store all jewelry in a dry aria or the official La Hera Jewelry box or travel case. ... Never use chlorine bleach to clean jewelry.  
Our gold plating is beautifully thick and of the best quality, we could make.

Gold plated jewelry does not have the same characteristics as solid gold. It is water-resistant, but water may wear off the plating faster. For long-lasting Shine, we advise removing jewelry when showering, swimming, and exercising.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Andra Simina
Glad to have found La Hera!

My earrings and matching bracelet are so cute, can't wait to wear them with airy summer outfits!

Andra Simina
Glad to have found La Hera!

My earrings and matching bracelet are so cute, can't wait to wear them with airy summer outfits!

Lea Henckel
Very feminine

I love these earrings. Very feminine and looks so pretty

Carolina Garcia
Best birthday gifts ever!!!

I got my order 2 days ago and is really beyond what I was expecting!! I'm so happy and can't wait to wear them!! I really want to thank you guys for this beautiful present!! :)

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