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Hermes was always busy as he served as the messenger. The never ending piles of messages that he had to deal with would intimidate someone who was not used to it. For that, many revered him for taking on such a humongous task. For the days when he had to deliver messages down to Earth, he would always use a special rope. It was said that if ever someone got a part of it, even just a tiny part, he would be guaranteed good fortune for the rest of his life. Hence, many people on Earth would try to look out for when Hermes comes down, but he rarely shows himself when he does. But one day, a lucky lad, while he was tending to his sheep in the fields, he awoke and saw Hermes coming down. Once Hermes went away to deliver messages, the shepherd swiftly approached the rope and cut a part of it. What was fascinating about the rope was when a part of it is cut or removed, it immediately repairs itself as if nothing was done to it. The lucky shepherd ran away happily with the rope in his hands. Indeed he was blessed with good fortune for the rest of his life, and in order to preserve the rope, he coated it in gold, so as he can pass it down to his descendants.

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Our Silver jewelry is Pure 925 Sterling Silver 🤍

Our Gold jewelry is a thick 14k gold plated brass 🤍

Jewelry Care 
To care for your jewelry and keep it clean and ready to wear, gently wipe off excess make-up and skin oils after each wearing. Use a nub free, 100% cotton cloth and gently wipe the piece clean using only the soft pads of your fingers.

Store all jewelry in a dry aria or the official La Hera Jewelry box or travel case. ... Never use chlorine bleach to clean jewelry.  
Our gold plating is beautifully thick and of the best quality, we could make.

Gold plated jewelry does not have the same characteristics as solid gold. It is water-resistant, but water may wear off the plating faster. For long-lasting Shine, we advise removing jewelry when showering, swimming, and exercising.

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