Strut Out with Style and a Caring Heart

Do you love to accessorize and at the same time have the heart to help out others? But it seems that with what the world is currently going through, deciding which to choose is kind of hard. No, we ain’t judging you. For whatever reason it may be, we just need to make difficult choices during these difficult times. 

But fret not, there is a way for you to go out in style and still help out someone, even if they are halfway across the world. During these difficult times, as economies across the world slowly crumble down, and are still on a long road to recovery, it is not only the jobless who are suffering, but also those whom they support, particularly the children. 

Partnering with a non-profit organization

La Hera was built not just to be another jewelry brand, as we seek to not just focus on the profit, but to impart it to the less fortunate as well. 

That is why we paired up with World Vision, a global non-profit organization. You might say that this is just a way to sell more of our products, but we actually do care about their cause.

They are a global humanitarian organization devoted to improving the lives of children, their families and communities to overcome poverty. Their vision to build a better world by focusing on children moved the co-founder of the brand, Daniel Philip. 

During these troubled times, children might not understand what is happening around them, but they are the most affected. The world has changed overnight and they might not understand the deprivations imposed upon them. Not seeing their friends and teachers, and not being able to leave their homes are big changes. Not to mention not being able to receive their allowance, be it daily, weekly or monthly. Now they are just stuck at home, which might be too much for them to bear.

So, the company has pledged to provide 10% of its Net profits to supporting World Vision’s cause. With every jewelry you purchase, a child is provided with their basic needs, not just physical, but the psychosocial aspect as well.

The organization might not have officially announced this affiliation, but trust us, we are not just making this up. The paperworks are underway, and we will be officially featured by World Vision very soon.

Shine with La Hera jewelry

Just think about it, you can be more confident in wearing that beautiful necklace, knowing that somewhere out there in the world, a child was able to have a better day because of your purchase.

The jewelry you wear just shines and flickers as bright as the smile of the child you helped to support. 

Check out our catalogue and choose among the variety of designs by artists in Greece, Netherlands and London that would suit your taste, and be a source of comfort for a child.

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