Get with the program


Do it for the glam!



Do what you love. Do what you do best. Most importantly, never stop that growth. Social media's rapid and constant growth undoubtedly transformed our generation’s lifestyles. The same is true for most things, but especially in the way we interact. Building a social network as a business in the 21st century has proven to be strongly influential and essential in most aspects in life. That's why it's such a big trend. We see the potential of creative minds spreading influence to the world. 


We know you got what it takes!

 The numbers you got right now on your socials aren’t really that big of a concern.

 Our brand sees the power of influence. Why not embrace yours?  



Here's what we got in store for you



We love to see you rocking our precious pieces. So, naturally, a handful of those are on the house. VIP feature on all our socials. Our followers are yours too now. You got your own personal code to give your followers where you get to enjoy 10% each time they use your code. 

Get the chance to shoot a campaign video with our team all around the globe!

This goes without saying, all flights and hotels are covered.


Get seen by the world.


Show em’ what you got.




What we’re looking for


- At Least 500 Instagram followers


- Fantastic candid picture taking skills


- Willing to help promote the brand and products



It’s your time to shine! Will you shine with us though?


Take your chance among a thousand others.


Embrace your elegance,


nurture growth,


and resemble purity.


We’re only waiting for your DM on Instagram. Become part of the La Hera club. Just say the words, "Influencer Program".



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