The Legit Truth About Our Brand Managers

What do brand managers do exactly?

Are they scammers?

These may be a few questions on your mind right now (or perhaps you have a different set of questions)

Brand Managers shape the company’s image.

The Brand Managers actually play a critical role for the brand. They help build up and shape the brand’s image, as they reach out to content creators and/or influencers to give them opportunities to become ambassadors for the brand.

They increase awareness for the brand, so ultimately, they help improve the company’s reputation and drive growth. 

Are they scammers?

Nope. They are not, as they are most definitely affiliated with the brand, and in our case, they represent La Hera. 

Not only that, our Brand Managers are part of a much bigger company, Atlas Creative Group (ACG). It is a holdings company that is working on building the La Hera brand, and a couple of other brands in other parts of the world, too. 

So, if you are a female owner of an Instagram account with at least 500 followers, and you’re from around Europe (except for Latvia and UK), then perhaps you might have encountered them. Or you might encounter them in the future. Just don’t be surprised if they suddenly pop up in your comment section, or unexpectedly get a ping on your DMs from them. You can definitely ask away to make sure they are legit. Anyway, our Brand Managers uses the same profile picture and description.

Think of it as an opportunity. With representing a brand, there will definitely be that one huge benefit for you, and that is the increase in your followers. So, with both sides reaping benefits, it is sort of a win-win situation. Not only that, you also get bonuses along the way. 

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How to become a Brand Manager?

Have I piqued your interest yet?

Have you been staying at the comfort of your own home for the past few months, continuously seeking an opportunity to earn?

Well, fret not, as we are still looking high and low for Brand Managers, as we aim for the aggressive growth of the brand. This is definitely an avenue to earn money, even at the comfort of your own bedroom, or living room, or whatever part of your house. And, you have a great opportunity to grow in this global company, too.

Plus, once you are on board, you will also get to grab a couple of free Atlas Creative Group (ACG) Merch. All you have to do is fill out a form, and we’ll send it out to you. 

As with any other job that has to do with sales, of course there is a quota. But we’ll fill you in on that later once you get the job of course. And don’t worry, it’s not that big. On the bright side, if a certain number of sales is reached, incentives and bonuses awaits! 

Do I still have your interest?

Well then go on over to our socials, and all you have to do is ask away.

If you also want to be an influencer, and you think you have what it takes, go on ahead to our socials to and present your interest.

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